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Best for contractors with a small budget looking to redo their website and approach it scientifically.


$4k - $6k
$1,000 setup fee

A New Website That Gets You More Jobs

Most of the contractor's websites have bad structure and content. When people land on your site, they want to see relevant information that would help them to take a decision and buy from you. We will build a new website with a new structure and set of pages. You'll not only optimize better in Google but also become an authority that command higher fees and spend less time babysitting cheap clients.


No-Code Platform. No Developers. No Maintenance.

Your new website will be hosted with Webflow. It's a no-code website builder. Think MS Paint but for web. What makes Webflow crush WordPress or any other CMS is that it does NOT rely on plugins or monthly updates. This means no more paying to someone to update or backup your site. All happens automatically. And with its no-code interface, literally your 4-years old kids can design new pages or keep your site's content up-to-date. We will provide full access and control to you. You site. Your rules👍

Find out how Webflow works & how it's different.


A Funnel That Qualifies Your Leads

Most contractors spent about 4-6 hours per day qualifying leads and chatting with cheap clients that will never pay them. Your website needs to be your gatekeeper. It should kick cheap clients off, and qualify high-paying ones. We will install and setup a funnel on your website that won't allow cheap leads to call you. In fact, all leads will have to complete a form to get in touch with you. Every time someone completes the form - you're going to be notified.


A Library With Drag & Drop Sections

Any website CMS like WordPress or Wix is nothing if you can't quickly create new pages that follows your branding and design. We will create for you a full set of sections you can simply drag-and-drop into newly created pages without compromising the design or your website performance. Making a new page takes 5 minutes and not 3 days.


Free Analytics & Tracking Setup

As a contractor, you must know your numbers. Having analytics and tracking tools installed on your website helps you to learn what are the most visited pages, how many jobs your site generated, or from where your traffic comes. We will install all the tracking tools your site needs and setup specific events that your visitors do when browsing your site.


Free Monthly Support Until You Grow

With Webflow, you don't need updating the plugins or backing up your site. All happens automatically. Because we want to see you grow. That's why we will publish new projects, create new pages, and fix User Experience issues for free. No monthly maintenance fee. Once you will grow and ready to hire an office assistant, we will train them to make website changes without our help. So you don't rely on us anymore.


Training Videos & 1-on-1 Coaching

Getting an easier to use website CMS platform will always be a hard decision to take. We want to make this process faster and a lot easier for you. That's why we offer a full library of screen-recorded tutorials and free 1:1 coaching calls for you or your team. We don't want to lock you into a platform where you always have to ask for a developer to update it. We want you to take control and truly experience the power of Webflow CMS.

Find out how Webflow CMS is working.


Free Month Of SEO

What kind of new website without fixing the SEO issues from past. Right? We'll give you a full 30-days of SEO on us. During this period, we will fix your Technical SEO and Off-Site SEO issues, write 2 blog posts, and send a before/after video report by the end of the month. There's no commitment to move forward with our 12-months SEO camping. It's your money. You decide.


1 Year Of Hosting

We know switching to another website platform will give you goosebumps. That's why we'll give you ONE YEAR or Webflow CMS hosting plan (usually $20/month)! During this year, if you will NOT love Webflow, we will switch you back to WordPress (or any CMS you used before) completely for FREE. No questions asked.


Free Domain Setup

With Webflow, there's no hosting or servers that you have to pay separately. The only thing we will need here is access to your domain so we could connect Webflow to it. And in case you don't want to provide access, we will send you a small tutorial on what changes you need to do. Even your 4-years old kids can do it.


Site Speed Optimization

In 2021, Google released its Web Vitals algorithm which penalize sites with poor load speed, accessibility, and bad user experience. Sounds technical, right? This s*** can dust your SEO efforts and make you wonder "why the hell my site have no traffic". With Webflow, we have full control over all Web Vitals factors. Your site will load in 1 second and leave your competitors wondering why you're #1 in Google.


Basic On-Page SEO

Google loves when your pages provide links to further reading. By linking different pages together, your site provides better context and information. We'll make sure we setup and fix your website's On-Page SEO so next time a Google bot lands - it will pat you on the back. And with the power of Webflow, things go like a knife in the butter.

Learn more about how Webflow SEO is different here.


“No Way You Can Lose” Full Refund Guarantee

We're so confident this new system will convert website traffic into jobs that we put the knife on our throat and give you a full money-back guarantee. But we have a strict no a**hole policy which means the last thing we want to do is lose our time, resources, and effort on someone who's lazy, can't follow instructions, or don't show up.


It all starts with getting on a free, no-obligation 30-mins phone call with us. No Zoom. No Google Meet.

We’ll go over where your business is now, and where you’d love it to be. What tools do you use. What tasks do you hate doing. And much more. By the end (even if we’re not a good fit for you), you’ve got a free business blueprint, a checklist, and a no-price-tag value no agency would ever dare to share with you.

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