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No, it’s not some WordPress magic. It’s not paying for leads. Let me show you how your website can break the bank

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If you want to bring more money home while spending less time on estimates, babysitting clients, and office work, then this will be the most important page you will ever read.

And that’s because we’re about to reveal the exact blueprint that brings you new jobs under your belt and turn your site into a 24/7 virtual assistant. You probably spent a couple of Benjamins💸 to get a new site and run SEO. You’re opening the email every goddamn morning and pull your eyebrows 🤬because you just missed a great deal through or Angie.

You’re 3 weeks late on your project and have to “rob Peter to pay Paul”. You keep hearing “you don’t meet our budget”. And PMs that don’t know what the f*** is going on.

“We’re doing it all through Facebook. We have good leads coming in”

“I’ve installed WordPress and did a couple of Youtube tutorials
Why I would spend $$$ on my site?”

“Launched a website. No sales – should I continue? ”

introducing: the 4-step formula that takes your business to the future

See, most of the home builders get a quick website (put their phone number on it) and create a Houzz account – trying to catch shiny objects 🤦like it’s a Harry Potter game. The tools you use like a website or Houzz Pro account are just the driving vehicles for traffic. And like any vehicle, you have to properly build and maintain it.


Research your market first.Period.

That’s our #1 secret and no agency will do for you. This helps you to know exactly what your clients want. What questions do they have. And how to stop babysitting them. The research also helps you to create your OFFER! 95% of home builders fail because of a weak offer. They simply go with “Top home builder in Texas”. That isn’t an offer. That’s a statement. You then use this offer and everything you found online in the website copy, in your marketing. EVERYWHERE.


Provide value

The currency of the internet is attention. 57% of people that land on your site already made their research. They saw a billboard, talked to a friend, went online... And now they are here, looking for help. Looking for someone that will tell them what’s next. Why do you have to spend time on the phone, answering generic questions, when you can have everything laid out on your website, or in your “Definitive Guide Working With Us” PDF. Right? The point is – start to answer and provide value to your potential clients. And with the research, you made on step #1 – that will come easy. Or you’ll f***ing close your business soon.


Build a Sales Machine

Your website could be an incredible selling vehicle. It can automate the tasks you hate. It can take leads and turn them into contracts. It can make your business be everywhere. With a couple of tools like Zapier or Calendly, you can kill 96% of the tasks you hate. Let people book a time with you. Send them some info about your services after the book, automate the estimates, stop babysitting your clients, and the list goes on and on…Hell, our entire business here is automated. Connect your website to an automation pipeline and let it work for you. 24/7. No gas. No effort is needed.


Run effective SEO

The truth is home builders spend some good Benjamins on SEO campaigns. They whether hire someone, or do it themselves (*bad idea). The #1 thing SEO agencies don’t do (which is the most important s**t to do) is Conversion Rate Optimization. When you put money and time into SEO – you expect new jobs. Right? The #1 job of any SEO is to turn traffic into contracts. Period. “Hasta La Vista!” Get yourself Google Optimize (which is free) and optimize your SEO website pages until they do give a return. And by the time your pages will get you jobs - your entire website will get an incredible boost in SEO because your content is KING!

Success Story

Meet Anthony, a home builder from Atlanta that specializes in shipping containers.

He had nothing but a Wix website and tons of tasks he hated. After launching a new sales machine, in just a couple of months - he bought a big warehouse to produce ready-to-install containers. He never was a manufacturer. But the website, the sales process, and the market opened this opportunity for him. HIS BUSINESS IS GROWING NOW BY 520%


See what people are saying about us

Here are a few snapshots from our past clients. They got more time to spend with their families, less time on busy work, and more money in their bank accounts.

"I was blown away by the years of knowledge and expertise Chris shared with us, the advice he personally gave, and the brutal honesty and constructive feedback that made us so much better. Other designers/developers would simply take your design or ideas and just do what you say without any care in the world if it's the worst idea or design ever. Chris and his team are different. They actually care. Crazy right? They're deeply invested in your success. With them on board, they will take you to new places you never imagined possible. It almost feels like they're an extension of your team that is ALWAYS available for you any time of day or night, regardless of what timezone you're in. In the end, you're left with a best in class project that was executed flawlessly, and you're begging to work with them more and see their magic in action again!"

David B.

“We began working with Chris and Lumious about 4 months ago and we're truly lucky to have found them. They take everything from basic functionality to customer psychology into account when laying the groundwork for these projects. Every concept has a reason behind it. Chris and his team are the ideal partners for any design project. You won't regret hiring them!”

Antony H.

"Chris has a strong analytical approach accompanied by creativity. Quite a rare combination. Tries to understand the task deeply which is a key to great final design and a strong SEO campaign. Right now contacts hit Calendly for a request. That is fine and I can then send a brochure from Honeybooks. The questionnaire stays inside Calendly. Honeybooks is working great for creating templates for invoicing and getting paid. I am cranking out a proposal or two a day. I have 5 to do tonight. For the 400 I spent I am more than happy at the moment because I do not need my wife to do the contracts. Simple too long. I will wait for this new product to hit and you can go to town for us then."

Anthony P.


A proven 5-step machine that KILLS the tasks you hate and land new jobs.

This process is so powerful, yet so simple to do. But only 4% of agencies are willing to do it for you because no one loves to do the dirty thing – do the strategy (*pffff…bulls***t, Chris). It’s the f***king time to show you how this works.

Step 1


In today’s day and age, attention is the currency of the internet. 95% of businesses fail because of a weak offer. Buyers are now 57% of the way toward a buying decision when they first make contact with your business. This stage starts with market research, competitors hunting, and changing your service’s offer so it matches what your leads want, and not what you think is “beautiful to have”.

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Let’s analyze the offer of the top 3 home builders and see how to make it better

Step 2


Your website’s message should grab your site visitor by the throat and tell a good story. That’s what salesmanship in the text is all about. It’s the stage where we outline your site structure, identify the 9 most hair-on-fire questions your market has, and write the sales copy for the money-making pages.

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Why content matters and how it will help you to land new jobs without babysitting your clients

Step 3

Kill the busy work

There’s no good website, good sales machine, and good business without optimization. How many times did you wish someone could do a task for you? Whether it’s estimates, visiting a potential client, or sending an email? On average, home builders spend 4 hours babysitting their clients. In this stage, we find that 20% of the tasks count for 80% of your revenue. We automate the rest of the shitty tasks you hate.

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Step 4


Web design sucks! And it sucks because you always hire a Web designer when you should be hiring a marketer. We don’t focus on beautiful design. We focus on getting a website layout that guarantees you new jobs. In this stage, we take the copy and arrange it in a proven layout, which eventually becomes a web page ready to drive conversions.

Step 5


Every sales machine needs to be built. In this stage, we develop your site, we develop the automation, we add the tracking and analytics, and we prepare everything for launch. Lastly, we give you 30 days of FREE SEO on us. And even here, we’re not leaving you alone. Every system we build comes with free training, a components library, and no-code website. All DONE FOR YOU. Ready to plug and play.

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In this video, I’ll show you what exactly how our build stage looks like and what my team will deliver to you.


wondering how much our services costs?

All Selling Machine plans come with FREE 30-Days of SEO

$4k - $6k
$1,000 setup fee

Best for contractors with a small budget looking to redo their website and approach it scientifically.

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$10k - $16k
$1,000 setup fee

Best for contractors looking to build a sales machine and automate their work.

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$16k - $22k
$1,500 setup fee

Best for savage contractors looking to dominate the jungle.

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That little voice in your head is probably muttering things like “This all sounds great but…how can you guarantee it, Chris?”

See, if for some strange reasons, you don’t get an additional 4 hours of free time per day, and double your jobs (even for slow months ahead). Or if you don’t like at least a thing we did for you – I personally guarantee it to you – we’ll give your money back, plus $10,000 if our SEO strategy fails. You need to be a lunatic to refuse it. If this sounds fair to you, here’s what I want you to do.

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