Chris and his team are different. They actually care. Crazy right? They're deeply invested in your success.

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The amount of thought and effort they put into any project is unmatched. Along with excellent communication and planning every step of the way.

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Chris has a strong analytical approach accompanied by creativity. Quite a rare combination.

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We are a digital agency that is helping home builders, GC, and home renovators to land new jobs. Our main mission is to automate the tasks you hate and do the bank you want

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My name is Chris🖐️. I’m the founder at Lumious Digital. And look, I don’t want to make this page about our story and s**t we ate over the years to be here. If you’re interested in that, I found this business in 2016. I’ve been a WordPress developer and soon realized these pretty websites aren’t a thing anymore to convert people 🤮.

My main goal was and is still – to help home builders spend less time in the office while bringing more money home for their families 👪. I can tell you our services are unique because no competition is doing the dirty work we do here.

And that’s because I called all of them. I reversed-engineer their sales process. And got deep into how they operate. That’s the reason why we’re making these bold claims on the site.

You’re here because someone told you about us. Or maybe because you landed from one of our ads on Facebook and Google👍. I’m glad you’re here. Your arrival was scratched on ancient walls. Angels sing and freakin’ Komatsu makes a parade in your honor.

But now seriously. We want to show you how to stop saying “I can do it myself”. How to stop hearing “You don’t meet our budget”. And how to get the money you and your family deserve through business automation, scientific websites, and SEO.

And that’s why we’re offering a free 30-mins phone call to go over your business and do a strategy. And even if we’re not a great fit for you – I will personally send you a business blueprint and battle plan. For free.

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Our services helped home builders double their revenue within 8 months and save 4 hours every day.

Your job is to get on the phone and close that contract. Leave the lead generation, marketing, website, and automation on us.

Home Builder’s Sales Machines

This is the #1 sales channel home builders f*** up. Websites have to automate your job. Websites have to babysit your site visitors and convert them into contracts. And bank you want. We build websites that do the tasks you hate and land new jobs. Or it’s FREE. 30 days SEO included.

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Search Engine Optimization

The #1 goal of any SEO isn’t driving traffic. Or be #1 in Google. Its main thing is to take that traffic and convert it into contracts. We’re the only ones to offer sales optimization campaigns that convert your Google traffic to jobs. Or we owe you $10k. Free 30 days trial. No joke.

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Ads & Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a money-multiplying machine that works 24/7 and generates qualified clients ready to share their hard-earned money with you. We do ad strategies on Viagra no agencies are doing. Land 10-20 new jobs weekly with the lowest pay per click. Guaranteed.

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Look, managing a business isn’t the sexiest thing to do (*no 💩💩. Chris!)

I’ll tell you how this goes for every home builder out there. And if you tell me this is not you, don’t bulls**t me. I spend weeks on contractor forums, Youtube videos, Facebook groups, Reddit, and past clients…

Home builders start with this big hope – work less and bring more money home. You soon realize this pays into your stress, your mood, and your family. And sure thing – you would love to spend more time with your daughter or son in the park, or hop with your friends on a vacation and talk about yachts⛵🚢.

Hoping this $4,000 website you paid for will get you leads💵.

Hoping your accounts on Angie, Houzz, and bidclerk will bring you leads.

At some point, nothing works for you, my friend.  And you grind. You spend days picking a good CRM. You spend months learning SEO and WordPress.

Here’s what I can tell you. You don’t need the best-looking website or the latest gimmick in driving traffic. Or the latest tool. These are all delivery vehicles. The fact is - people are searching for your services every day. Have a look at this screenshot I pulled from Google Trends:There’s a better way to do your business.

Google Trends chart for the “home builder” keyword. If you're on a mobile, you probably need to zoom on this screen

There’s a better way to do your business.

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it’s time we finally reaveal the 3 most crucial components every home builder is missing...You too


Your sales machine (aka your website on Viagra):

Most home builders get this wrong. They hire a designer to do their site, they publish it, they hire an agency, or do SEO themselves. All of this is guesswork. Hire a marketer instead of a web designer. Spend a good budget on it. Your website’s #1 job is not to drive leads. Is to convert those leads to jobs. I remember one of our past clients. He kept saying to me “Nah…Chris, our site is getting me about contracts per year. That’s okay to pay for the hosting and an agency that does SEO.” Are you f***ing kidding me? The #1 channel where every single client lands? Here’s how a website on steroids should work:

  • Welcome site visitors with a killer offer and educate them

  • Automate the office tasks like estimates, onboarding, and calling

  • Drive traffic from local searches and turn it into clients

  • Easy to update, with no developer needed


Your automation

In my opinion the most crucial component. Most of the home builders spend about 4 hours with their clients per day. Get the gas, drive to the client’s home, and finally hear “You don’t meet our budget”. Put on top of this - the office work and all the tasks that you’d wish a robot could do for you. And that’s exactly what this component is all about – killing 96% of the tasks you hate and automating them. You have great tools here, like:

  • Calendly: for automating your calendar

  • Zapier: for automating your daily office work

  • Houzz Pro: automating your projects

  • TinyScanner: scan the papers and keep everything digitally

  • Loom: for recording a quick video instead of long emails

  • Quickbooks: for automating your invoices and accounting

And look, just by using these free tools, you can save about 3-5 hours per day. Guaranteed! You know why? Because we’re also using them here.


Your Offer

That’s the easiest way to tell - you need to do research. People hate this word and agencies would burn it. No one loves to spend hours online and see what their market is talking about, what their clients are looking for, and what people gossip. That’s the #1 reason why so many businesses fail. Think about why you started your business and if you went out in the woods to collect data about your market. The research removes the guesswork. It tells you exactly on what services to focus, and what to kill. It helps you develop and offer people can’t f***ing refuse.

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Meet our team


UX Designer & Webflow Expert


UX Designer & Webflow Expert


Digital Strategist & Copywriter


Digital Strategist & Webflow Expert


UX Designer & Webflow Expert


Head of Growth

It all starts with getting on a free, no-obligation 30-mins phone call with us. No Zoom. No Google Meet.

We’ll go over where your business is now, and where you’d love it to be. What tools do you use. What tasks do you hate doing. And much more. By the end (even if we’re not a good fit for you), you’ve got a free business blueprint, a checklist, and a no-price-tag value no agency would ever dare to share with you.

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