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David Bitton.

Co-Founder & CMO


"I was blown away by the years of knowledge and expertise Chris shared with us, the advice he personally gave, and the brutal honesty and constructive feedback that made us so much better. Other designers/developers would simply take your design or ideas and just do what you say without any care in the world if it's the worst idea or design ever. Chris and his team are different. They actually care. Crazy right? They're deeply invested in your success. With them on board, they will take you to new places you never imagined possible. It almost feels like they're an extension of your team that is ALWAYS available for you any time of day or night, regardless of what timezone you're in. In the end, you're left with a best in class project that was executed flawlessly, and you're begging to work with them more and see their magic in action again!"
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Anthony Hakim.

Marketing Specialist

@Optim International

"We began working with Chris and Lumious about 4 months ago and we're truly lucky to have found them. They've completed 2 web design projects, an Amazon store design, and several various graphic/render projects. Their amazing graphic work is what initially caught our attention, but their expertise goes much further than that. The amount of thought and effort they put into any project is unmatched. Along with excellent communication and planning every step of the way. When they say they're UX experts, they aren't kidding. They take everything from basic functionality to customer psychology into account when laying the groundwork for these projects. Every concept has a reason behind it. Chris and his team are the ideal partners for any design project. You won't regret hiring them!"


Jim Adler & Associates

"Working with Lumious was super easy. They provided an entire website design for our short timeline with UX research. I would highly recommend working with this team for any design project"


Laird Thermal

"Good start. We appreciated their comments on our strategy and the option to have a call. Creative, good approach (wireframes before design), fast reply and lucrative SEO"


Thermtest Inc.

"Working with Lumious was super easy. They provided an entire website design for our short timeline with UX research. I would highly recommend working with this team for any design project."


Swedish Wholesale

"I was in contact with Chris throughout this project and his communication was excellent from start to finish. He and the rest of the team truly care about their work and it's clear that they give 110% effort."


Juicy Cookie Co.

"I am absolutely and utterly blessed to have the opportunity to work with these guys! Their skills are unbelievable and their passion for what they do is unmatched - I have definitely found a team to grow my brand with for sure. Thank you"


Harris Water Main & Sewer

"Chris has strong analytical approach accompanied by creativity. Quite rare combination. Tryies to understand the task deeply which is a key to great final design and strong SEO campaign"

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